Bike Rack Voucher Program

Public agencies in the Bay Area may qualify for a free Peak Rack offered through the Bike Rack Voucher Program sponsored by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.
Fill out the form on the right to see if you qualify!

Safe Routes To School

Peak Racks meet the parking requirements for the federal Safe Routes to School program. We would be honored to help design the perfect Peak Racks bike parking area for your campus. We’ve done it for countless schools, including the ones our kids go to. We’d love to help your school, too!

LEED Compliance

We are happy to work with architects, landscape architects, and designers to plan and create the perfect bicycle parking solutions for your site’s LEED plan. Indoors or outdoors, our high-density bike parking solutions help you fit more bikes in less space. (And don’t forget our 95% recycled domestic steel!)